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Traditional Range

Our rosettes are supplied with the following length tails:

1 Tier rosettes- 2 x 7" (approx 180mm) tails

2 Tier rosettes - 3 x 7" (approx 180mm) tails

3 Tier rosettes - 3 x 9" (approx 230mm) tails

4 Tier rosettes - 4 x 12" (approx 300mm) tails

5 Tier rosettes - 5 x 14" (approx 350mm) tails.

The standard width of ribbon used for Rosette tails is 24mm however 36mm is also available at an additional cost.

New England Range

These are supplied with three tails are used on all rosettes in this range and 48mm ribbon is used unless otherwise stated and tails are 'pinked'.

Tail Printing

Any or all of the tails, in either range, can be printed as required using our standard font. The cost for this is:

Typeset Charge (max 25 characters)
for orders over £50 = £2.50
for orders under £50 = £5.00

Each Tail Printed - 15p

If a specific font or logo is required, a printing plate will be manufactured at a one-off charge of £20.00.

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A three tier, classic knife
rosette with 55mm
centre and one printed tail.

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