Incorporating County Rosettes, Invicta Rosettes & Thoroughbred Rosettes


About Rooster Rosettes
Rooster Rosettes represents many years of experience in the manufacture of rosettes.

In the early 90's, two completely separate rosette businesses were started in Sussex, namely County Rosettes and Thoroughbred Rosettes.

In 2001, County Rosettes bought, the Maidstone based company, Invicta Rosettes, but continued to run the two businesses as separate entities.

In 2002 Thoroughbred Rosettes was relocated to Kent, and in July 2003, the opportunity came to purchase County Rosettes and Invicta Rosettes.

The three businesses (Thoroughbred, County and Invicta Rosettes),were run separately for a short while, all with different ranges, specifications and pricing structures. This was clearly not practical, and so it was decided to consolidate them all into one business with a brand new name - Rooster Rosettes was the result.

In 2006, Rooster Rosettes was relocated to South Yorkshire before being situated in its current location of Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 2015

Rooster Rosettes now has a very diverse, mail-order, customer base which quite literally covers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, and, thanks to the Internet, also has customers in the Channel Islands, America, Holland, Spain, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

Our Traditional English Rosettes are supplemented by an increasingly popular range of, American style, New England Rosettes.

Our continuing philosophy is to provide high quality products at competitive prices.


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